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FIND-IT, the ultimate file finding machine with 'preferrence' for complex full text retrival ! Any search for files on your disc(s), no matter if by name, size, date or any other criteria, will be performed fast, comfortably and reliably.
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Please click the big buttont at the right side to start the download. The Shareware can be testet without any limitation for 30 days.

Setup: As soon as you press the download-button you will be asked where you want to save the downloaded file 'Findit5Setup.exe' Any folder will do. After the download just start the Setup.
The setup routine will ask you where to install the program. Depending on the windows-version you are using it will propose to use x:\programs\Find-it or x:\programs(x86)\Find-it. You may choose any other folder as well. Depending on the Version of Windows you are using you might need to have administrator-rights.

Findit is based on MS NET Framework 4.52 If this version is not installed on your computer the setup routine will install it directly from the Server of Microsoft.

If you already have purchased a version of FIND-IT 4.x, the price for a single license of Version 5.0 is reduced to 17 US$.

Suggestions for any improvement of FIND-IT are highly welcome. Especially improvements of the english translation and user interface. We tender a free license to anybody who is reporting a serious reproducible bug or hint on major foults of the translation.

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