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FIND-IT, the ultimate file finding machine with 'preferrence' for complex full text retrival ! Any search for files on your disc(s), no matter if by name, size, date or any other criteria, will be performed fast, comfortably and reliably.
Prices for multiple licenses

FIND-IT is shareware. İou can try before you buy. The shareware does have no limitations. You can test the functionality for 30 days. After this period you have to buy a license or uninstall the program. When the 30 days are over, the program will start with an increasing time lag. You will have to wait until you can use the program. The waiting period will get a little bit longer each day.

The price for one single license is 34 US$. This amount will be automatically converted into the correct amount of your local currency. It does include sales tax. The easiest way of purchasing a license: use the link to paypal on the left side of this page. When using paypal you will receive an e-mail containing the license key within one day (rare exceptions may occur during holidays).

If you want to buy FIND-IT for multiple users we offer great bulk rebates. Just look at the table on the right. If you need multiple licenses please send an e-mail. and tell us how many licenses you need. We will send you an individual bargain. If you decide to purchase additional licenses within one year, the price for the additional licenses will be calculated with the total sum of licenses and the price you already payd will be subtracted.

File search with full text retrieval: Shareware